Allergy Mast Cell Inhibitors

How Allergy Mast Cell Inhibitors Work

Allergy Nasal Spray

Mast cell inhibitors work by preventing histamine and other chemicals that cause allergies from being released. They are available as nasal sprays or eye drops, and should not be used by people who tend to be allergic to any component of the two. The effect of Mast Cell Inhibitors only last for about 8 hours, so frequent use is necessary.

Side Effects of Allergy Mast Cell Inhibitors

Side effects of the eye drops include: stinging, burning, redness and swelling of the eyes. Side effects of the nasal sprays include: congestion, sneezing, itching, nosebleeds and burning.

Risks of Allergy Mast Cell Inhibitors

There are certain ingredients in the eye drops and nasal spray that can cause an allergic reaction. Before beginning treatment, speak with your allergist about what allergies you have in case of a reaction. There are rarely interactions with other drugs. Do not wear contact lenses when administering the eye drops.v