Asthma Smoking

Symptoms of Smoking Induced Asthma

When a person with asthma breathes in smoke or secondhand smoke, they are more likely to cough, wheeze, or experience shortness of breath. Tobacco is a very serious asthma trigger as the irritating trigger will settle in the airways and cause asthma symptoms. If you have asthma and smoke regularly, then you are likely to have ongoing asthma symptoms.

Causes of Smoking Induced Asthma

Whether you are directly breathing in the tobacco smoke or breathing in second hand smoke, it is extremely irritating to the airways. Tobacco also damages the hair-like structures in the airways which allows for dust and mucus to build up. Smoke also makes the lungs produce more mucus than usual. These things cause an attack. Secondhand smoke is thought to be more dangerous than smoking because the some contains more harmful substances than just the smoke that is being inhaled.

Treatment of Smoking Induced Asthma

The first step to treatment is to avoid smoke. If you are a smoker, then you will want to quit smoking. If you are inhaling secondhand smoke, then you will want to not allow people to smoke in your home, car, or around you or your child. If there are restaurants or places that you visit that allow smoking, then you will need to avoid these places. You will also want to speak to your physician about medications to take to control your asthma symptoms. If you have symptoms that are very serious, then your physician will likely recommend a rescue inhaler in case you are in a situation where smoke can not be avoided.

Asthma Smoking FAQ

Can you get asthma from smoking?

You cannot initially get asthma from smoking. If you smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke, it is common that it will provoke asthma symptoms.

Does asthma get worse when you quit smoking?

In some cases, people will claim their asthma gets worse when they first quit smoking. Shortly after this, your asthma will improve and you will start feeling better soon.

Is smoking good for asthma?

No, smoking is not good for asthma. If you currently smoke and have asthma, it is important that you quit now.

What percent of smokers have asthma?

Roughly 21% of people that have asthma currently smoke.