Asthma Physical Exam

What to Expect During the Physical Exam for an Asthma Diagnosis

To begin the exam with your physician, they may ask a series of questions that relate to your health history, your symptoms and may ask about any triggers that you have noticed. Then, your physician will examine your nose, throat and upper airways. Since wheezing is one of the main signs of asthma, your physician may also listen to your breathing through a stethoscope. Since asthma can be triggered by allergies, the physician may inspect your skin for any allergic conditions. Your physician will also want to know if you have any other symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, trouble breathing, nighttime symptoms, or symptoms that occur with exercise, cold air, or allergens. Once your physician is aware of your symptoms, then the physician may recommend a lung function test.

Why Begin with a Physical Exam for an Asthma Diagnosis?

A physical exam will give your physician a good starting point with your health. The physician will take into account your history, health, and symptoms and then can recommend a proper test. If the physician suspects that allergies are the culprit, then an allergy test may be administered.