Asthma Shortness of Breath

Symptoms of Shortness of Breath with Asthma

People may describe this as fast breathing, not being able to breathe fast enough or deep enough and running out of air. If this occurs for longer than a month, it is then considered chronic. Shortness of breath is considered a symptom that is subjective. A subjective symptom means that you can feel it, but your physician can not measure it.

Triggers of Shortness of Breath with Asthma

A common trigger of shortness of breath is exercising. When people feel they are short of breath after exercising, then they may not want to continue. However, it is important to continue to exercise. Speak with your physician about a workout plan and how to handle your symptoms.

Treatments of Shortness of Breath with Asthma

If you have asthma and experience shortness of breath, your physician will likely prescribe you an inhaler to use as needed. If you frequently are experiencing these symptoms, then your physician may recommend long-term asthma medications.

Asthma Shortness of Breath FAQ

Does asthma make you short of breath?
Yes, trouble breathing can be a sign of asthma.
Can asthma cause shallow breathing?
Asthma can cause shallow breathing and your lips and face may turn blue due to the lack of oxygen. These symptoms are dangerous and you should seek treatment immediately.
How long can asthma shortness of breath last?
Shortness of breath in asthma may only last a few minutes, but it can also last for hours or days.