Asthma Biologics

What are Biologics?

Biologics are genetically engineered proteins. They work to target cellular changes that are the cause of asthma instead of solely treating symptoms. Biologics are best used for people with mild to moderate asthma, and for people that have not responded well to inhaled corticosteroids or other treatments. Biologics are known to cut down on the number of asthma attacks that occur and will aid in decreasing the amount of other medications.

Types of Biologics

There are two types of biologics that are used to treat asthma. You will want to speak with your physician to see which type will work best for you. One type is used to target immunoglobin E, while the other treats eosinophilic asthma. Biologics do not work for everyone, and your physician may recommend another type of medication in addition to the biologics.

Side Effects of Biologics

The side effects of using biologics are rare. Some side effects may be headache, fatigue, sinus infection, cold-like symptoms, and rarely anaphylaxis. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include: hives, swelling of the face, wheezing, shortness of breath, etc. Biologics are generally safe, but your physician will watch for these symptoms.