Asthma Dust Mites

Overview of Dust Mites Induced Asthma

Dust mites are a major cause of allergy and asthma symptoms. Symptoms of an allergy include: sneezing, congestion, runny nose, and itchy nose. Asthma may cause wheezing and you will likely need more asthma medication too.

Causes of Dust Mites Induced Asthma

Dust mites live in nearly every home and prefer warm, humid, and dusty areas. If you notice that your symptoms are worse at night, then you will want to spend most of your time cleaning your bedroom as dust mites live in sheets and mattresses.

Treatment of Dust Mites Induced Asthma

Allergy and asthma medication can help reactions to dust mites, but there are many other things you can do to decrease the number of dust mites in your home. Since most of your time is spent in the bedroom, you will want to begin deep cleaning in there. Take preventative measures such as covering pillows and mattresses with dust-proof covers. You will also want to wash any bedding, rugs, etc. in extremely hot water. If the water at your home does not reach temperatures of around 130 degrees, then have your sheets washed at a commercial laundry. If possible, you will want to rip out any carpet in the home and avoid rugs. Mites like to live in the space between the flooring and the rugs. Damp-mop the floors and any surfaces once a week.

Continue to take your allergy medication as prescribed. If your symptoms get worse, then speak with your physician. If you find yourself having to take more asthma medication, then your physician may recommend beginning a new medication.

Asthma Dust Mites FAQ

Can dust mites cause breathing problems?
People with a dust mite allergy can experience an asthma attack after being exposed to dust mites. The most common signs are wheezing and difficulty breathing.
Can dust mites live in your lungs?
It is believed that dust mites can live in the bronchioles of the lung for a short period of time.
Why does dust trigger asthma?
Dust triggers asthma because it causes people to have wheeze or cough.
Do dust mites cause wheezing?
Yes, dust mites can cause wheezing especially in those people with an allergy to dust mites or in those with asthma.