Asthma Viral

Symptoms of Viral Induced Asthma

When you are sick and also have asthma, symptoms may significantly worse. You may notice symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and asthma flare-ups. These asthma symptoms will be in addition to the other symptoms that you are experiencing with your virus. If you have a cold or the flu, you may have a fever, chills, fatigue, postnasal drip, nausea, etc.

Causes of Viral Induced Asthma

There are many viral infections that can cause an asthma attack. Some of the most common causes of an asthma attack include the cold and flu. When a virus, such as the flu or a cold, causes irritation to the airways, then asthma symptoms are worse.

Treatment of Viral Induced Asthma

The first step to treatment is to avoid the virus by vaccinating as recommended by your physician. You should also avoid anyone who is sick and do not share breathing equipment with others. Wash your hands regularly and do not touch your face. This will help to contain germs. Regular asthma medication alone may not make you feel better if you have a virus.

Right when you feel that you are beginning to get sick, call your physician. Your physician will prescribe or recommend a treatment plan to have you feel better fast. Prompt treatment is essential to getting better in the fastest way possible. Continue your asthma medication and follow your asthma action plan. Your physician should have already discussed with you an asthma action plan in case of an asthma attack. It is also important to monitor your airflow. Your physician will need to know your airflow and symptoms in order to adjust your medication when necessary. If symptoms get significantly worse, then call your physician immediately. The physician will be able to adjust treatment as necessary. While you are sick, it is important to take time to rest. Your physician may also recommend some over-the-counter medications in order to relieve symptoms. Stay home, if possible. This will help you not infect others while you are getting better.

Asthma Viral FAQ

Can viral infections cause asthma?
Some respiratory infections including viruses can lead to exacerbating asthma. Most commonly, you will experience wheezing and coughing.