Air Pollution Induced Asthma

Symptoms of Air Pollution Induced Asthma

Air pollution can make it harder to breathe, and can also cause coughing, wheezing, chest tightness, and the burning sensation of the lungs. These asthma symptoms will typically occur the day after you have been outside and exposed to polluted air. A reaction to air pollution can also make you more sensitive to other asthma triggers too.

Causes of Air Pollution Induced Asthma

Air pollution is any particles that are found in the air that are not part of the natural composition of the air. The cause of air pollution can be from gas, smoke, ash, or dust. Air pollution worsens asthma symptoms. Air pollution can also be found in your home. Home air pollution includes pesticides, paint, candles, fireplaces, hair spray, etc.

Treatments of Air Pollution Induced Asthma

The first step to treatment is to avoid the irritants. Since most of our time is spent in our homes, then home is the first step in reducing air pollution. Since exercise is so important to those with asthma, then you will want to check the pollution levels outdoors before beginning exercise. If possible, spend your time outdoors during the morning and if levels are too bad, move your exercise indoors. If you or your child is a part of an organized sport that practices outdoors, then speak with the coach about the possibility of moving the practice to an indoor gym. Your physician may also recommend a medication treatment plan, and if necessary, you should always carry a quick-relief medication. During times when air pollution is high, your physician may recommend increasing the dose of medications.

Air Pollution Induced Asthma

Can asthma be caused by pollution?
Air pollution can definitely cause an asthma attack or make asthma symptoms worse.
What pollutant causes asthma?
Air pollution or ozone pollution is very irritating to the lungs and airways and can cause an asthma attack.
What is the relationship between asthma and air pollution?
There is a known relationship between asthma and air pollution as this pollution can make asthma attacks occur.
Can air pollution affect asthma and allergies?
Yes, it is common that air pollution can affect asthma and allergies.