Manage Asthma

Manage Asthma

After a diagnosis, managing your asthma is crucial. This can be done through a few different steps. Once the diagnosis is complete, you will need to meet with your physician to see what the plan for when symptoms occur is. Another method to managing asthma is to avoid triggers. If a substance in the air triggers asthma, limit your time outdoors. Taking proper medication on time will also be essential to managing asthma.

Manage Asthma FAQ

Can asthma be controlled?

Asthma cannot be cured, but it can be controlled! Working closely with your allergist is essential in controlling your asthma.

What are strategies for managing asthma?

The first step to managing asthma is to create a plan and work closely with your allergist. You should also know what triggers your asthma and avoid them.

How can asthma be managed?

Asthma is best managed by avoiding what triggers your asthma. Also, learn how and when to use your inhaler.

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