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There are four types of pharmacotherapy, which includes: antihistamines, leukotriene inhibitors, mast cell inhibitors, and nasal sprays. Antihistamines are typically the first medication that your allergist will use to stop allergy symptoms. Leukotriene Inhibitors are also great at treating asthma in addition to allergies. Mast cell inhibitors are a short-term medication that comes in the form of nasal sprays and eye drops. Nasal sprays should only be used for the prescribed amount of time. When your allergist is diagnosing your allergies, the allergist will help find the best medication for you.

Side Effects of Allergy Pharmacotherapy

Side effects of pharmacotherapy are rare. Before beginning treatment, speak with your allergist about what medications you are on and what allergies you have. Some side effects may also include drowsiness. If you have a serious reaction, stop using the medications and speak with your allergist immediately.