Asthma Other Infections

Symptoms of Other Infection Induced Asthma

With infections, you will not only have the symptoms of the infection but also asthma symptoms. You may experience trouble breathing, chest tightness, coughing, wheezing, or trouble sleeping. Other symptoms may include fever, chills, nausea, etc. depending on the infection.

Causes of Other Infection Induced Asthma

When you are sick, then the airways become irritated. When the airways are irritated, then it is more likely that you will also get sick through sinusitis, the flu, or other infections. When mucus is in the sinuses for too long, then infections will happen. When infections happen, then you are more at risk for an asthma attack.

Treatment of Other Infection Induced Asthma

With any infection, it is important to continue regular asthma medication. Speak with your physician about your symptoms and from there, your physician will recommend a treatment plan. Keeping symptoms under control is the most important part of treatment. If the other symptoms are under control, then asthma will also be under control.

You must understand what your trigger is so that you are better able to avoid it. If your symptoms are because of the weather, then you will want to spend the majority of your time indoors. Good hygiene is important if you are catching your symptoms from someone else. Be sure to wash your hands regularly. It is also important to cover your nose when you sneeze and stay away from people as much as possible in order to avoid spreading the infection.

Continue with treatments as directed by your physician. If your symptoms are not getting better or getting worse, then call your physician again, especially if you have an increase in trouble breathing. Ask your physician for an asthma action plan. This asthma action plan will help you understand what you should do when your symptoms get worse. For example, if your breathing gets worse, then your physician may recommend taking more medication. The physician may also recommend continuing on preventative medication just to ensure you are avoiding infection as best as possible.

Asthma Other Infections FAQ

Why do respiratory infections trigger asthma?
Respiratory infections trigger asthma because they affect your airways. A respiratory infection can cause severe symptoms such as an asthma attack or episode.
Is asthma a viral or bacterial infection?
Asthma is not a viral or bacterial infection, but it can be triggered when you have a viral or bacterial infection.