The nebulizer is a perfect alternative to an inhaler, especially for children and older adults. The machine has a mask or mouthpiece and it changes the medications from a liquid to a mist, so they can be inhaled easily. On the other side, it does take a longer time period to deliver the medication to the lungs. The medication can be a variety of things, and acts just like an inhaler.

How a Nebulizer Works

A nebulizer works by turning liquid medicine into a mist. This type of treatment tends to work best in children who cannot use an inhaler, or when an asthma attack is so intense that this is easier to administer the medication. Nebulizers can administer short-acting or long-acting medication, and can deliver more than one at a time.

When a Nebulizer Becomes Essential

A nebulizer is essential for people who need to feel asthma relief but are unable to take deep breaths as needed for an inhaler. If your asthma prevents you from breathing in deep, or if you or your child are too young to breathe in deep, then a nebulizer is essential.

How to Use Your Nebulizer

Use is very simple for a nebulizer. You will start by placing it on a flat surface. Then ensure the nebulizer and your hands are clean. Then you will place your medication into the container. Connect the tube to the compressor. Then you will attach the mask and turn on the machine. Slowly breathe in and out until all medication is gone.

How Do I Care for My Nebulizer?

A nebulizer should be cleaned after each use and thoroughly disinfected after every other use. Since the vapors are going straight to your lungs, then it is necessary for it to be clean. Since the tubing cannot be properly cleaned, it should be completely replaced regularly.