Asthma Inhalers

Asthma Medicine Inhaler

Inhalers are the most common way to deliver asthma drugs to your lungs. They are available in a variety of ways, and can have just one or multiple medications. The device is small and hand-held. The inhaler can deliver any type of medicine to your lungs. This delivery method has the least amount of side effects.

Metered Dose Asthma Inhalers

A metered-dose inhaler is also known as hydrofluoroalkane inhaler or HFA. This type of inhaler has a specific amount of medication inside and it is administered in aerosol form. The container is a pressurized can inside of a plastic case with a mouthpiece attached. This helps with portability and administering the correct amount of medication directly to the lungs.

Dry Powder Asthma Inhalers

A dry powder inhaler is also portable and delivers medication directly to the lungs as you inhale. In this type of inhaler, it is essential that the patient has sufficient inhalation rates, or else the device will not perform as it should. This type of medication and inhaler is typically only used in older children and adults. This works by the person loading the inhaler, placing the mouthpiece in the mouth, and taking deep breaths, and then holding their breath for about 10 seconds.