Allergy Drops

Allergy Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT)

Allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), are given under the tongue in increasing doses until the patient develops a tolerance to the allergy. Any range of allergies can be treated like this from dust mites, animals, food, pollen, mold, grass, trees, and ragweed.

Why Allergy Drops?

Allergy sufferers will typically choose allergy drops if they are too busy to come to the office for frequent injections. Allergy drops also tend to be the pain-free and easy way. A reaction to the allergy drops is highly unlikely.

Advantages of Allergy Drops

Most allergy sufferers can benefit from allergy drops, but they are extremely beneficial to those that do not respond to allergy shots. They are popular for a few reasons, including the convenience, low cost, few visits, less medication and ultimately, feeling better faster.

Risks of Allergy Drops

Since allergy drops are administered at home without direct supervision, there is no immediate medical attention in the case of a reaction. Rarely do reactions occur, so the risk is low. Your allergist will give you a plan of what happens in the case of a reaction.